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Here are some new shots of the beast
New extractors New high capacity radiator Side view with the canopy on 1000cc weber from a '75 - '80 Fiat


A few people have asked why I don't have a photo of myself on the site. Well I'm not sure really. But here is a shot taken at my shop with Michelle, and a couple of Australian athletes, Carl Vander Kuyp and Patric Johnson that were up here in Darwin training just prior to the Olympics.

Here are some shots of the new center console I just got. It makes stealing the stereo just that little harder.

I am having troubles with my server. I have run out of room. I mighty start looking for free space. Some of these thumbnails do not work, neither does the Mightymovie.

A view from where I sit.

A side view. You can just see the
bolt at the bottom holding the console in.

From the passengers side.

Showing the bolt that holds it down.

Yet another image similar to the other one.

The very best in car audio.

Just thought this shot looked nice.

And here is a little video footage of both my Mightyboys. Just got a new Digital Video Camera and was having a play with it. Download it here. [ 2.58 Mg] [Zip file extracted to an Mpg file][This download could take up to 10 minutes.]


Hi everyone. Sorry I have not updated this site in a few months, but I have been VERY busy opening the first 'Muffin Break' franchise for the Northern Territory. But I have had time to keep my Mighty Boy in top condition. I re-did to sound system for a local sound off competition where I came third in the super heavy weight class. I got the second highest DB reading, but drew the top car in the semi-final. My MB recorded the highest reading for a everyday car, and the one that beat me was a car put together just for the day. I recorded 144.8 DB and the winner (who had 6 15" Rockford Fosgate subs) recorded 146.8 DB. On a bad note though, a week after the sound off, my car was broken into and my new Alpine head unit was knocked off! (even though I did not let anyone see what I had in my car at the sound-off) So below are some pics of my new system minus a CD player (as you can see).

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Crossfire all the way!

As you can see, all the gear is Crossfire, a new brand from the US. It is tones cheaper than the name brands, but not for long......... It is winning sound offs all over Australia, so no doubt it wont stay relatively cheap for long.
Here is the break down:
2 X 15" Crossfire Sub-woofers ($160 each)
2 X 6" 2 way speakers ($120 for both)
2 X 5 1/4" Alpine splits -these are the old ones. ($360 for both)
1 X 2 CH amp bridged into 1 channel at 600 RMS - yes, that is a real 600 watts RMS ($650)
1 X 4 CH amp at 65 RMS per channel ($650)
1 X Alpine 5 CH, 4 volt single CD player -awaiting a new one on insurance.($950)
All gold fittings with 50 amp fuse.
The box is the old one, just with bigger holes cut and Dacron filling. The CF subs fit small inclosures like mine at 1.8 cubic feet.

You might also of noticed the new Autotechnica Italian leather steering wheel and matching gear knob, along with all new carpet with extra insulation. The extra insulation has reduced road noise tremendously. Also because the car was broken into, a new Viper alarm has just been fitted. I was told this was by far the best alarm, and it should be as it cost an arm and a leg ($500) just for the basic model.
The full carpet including the extra insulation, was only $180. This included carpeting the wheel arches, right up the front under the dash, under the seats and trimmed around the amps, under the back bit and finally all the way to the back of the back area where my sub box is. I thought that was a good deal.

I just purchased all the door seals including rubbers, trimmings, guides etc. etc. and the car's doors close like new now. This was a tad expensive at a total cost of about $400.
So as you can see, a but has been done since my last post. I am not sure what to do next. Maybe a better ported box for the subs????.

I am one of the founding members of the Suzuki Mighty Boy Club of Australia. I am also responsible for the design and construction of this web site.

I own a 1987 Black Mighty Boy. Well, it is not really black, it is a metallic black with gold pearl. My car was re sprayed in 1998. In 1997, I had the original 550cc motor removed, and replaced it with the 800cc version. An extractor was fitted, along with a sports exhaust and hot dog. And just to pretty it up a bit, I had the rocker cover chromed.

Inside, I had fitted a sports steering wheel along with titanium pedals. A Panasonic CD head unit was fitted, (under the dash, because the original radio is not standard width), and this powers 2 amplifiers. The first amp, a California Gold 600 powers 2 X 12 inch sub woofers that were custom fitted into a box behind the seats. The second amp, a California Gold 300 powers 2 X Alpine 6 inch splits in the front, and 2 Metzs tweeters that were fitted into a special tweeter panel of the box in the rear. So, as you can imagine, it is VERY loud in there. With the sound turned right up, your back gets thumped by the bass (because there is a 12" sub right behind each seat), and the whole car shakes.

The stages of the re spray are set out below.

rotty_front.jpg - 16139 Bytes This is my Mighty Boy before the big re spray. The car had a few little dints and scrapes here and there, but most were covered up with the go fast graphics on the side. The spot lights were there for looks, because they did not work, and as you can see the car was registered in NSW.
rotty_tray_sanded.JPG - 6201 Bytes I opted to sand the car down my self, as this would take about $1000 off the cost of the re spray. I went through about 20 sheets of various grades of wet and dry sand paper, and it took me 2 weeks to complete in my spare time.
rotty_primer.jpg - 4639 Bytes This is the car at the spray shop. It has had all it's dints fixed, and all it's fittings removed.
rotty1.jpg - 69003 Bytes Yes, the finished product. The job took 3 weeks in total, and $700 dollars later the car looks immaculate. A day or two after it was finished, and after this photo, I was at a shopping centre, and I came back to my car to find a huge scrape and massive dints caused by a shopping trolley down one side! Yes I was majorly pissed off, and I hope the person that did this will have bad Karma for the rest of their lives!

After driving around with an immaculate car on one side and a banger of a car on the other, I decided to have an air-conditioner fitted (after all, I now live in Darwin). While my car was at the mechanics shop for 3 weeks getting this unit fitted, on the good side of the car, one of the mechanics bashed his toolbox up against the paint, so now the car was wrecked on both sides!

So, I pointed this out to the owner of the shop, and with out hesitation, gave me the card of the panel shop I was to go to, to get the paint fixed, and he said, "tell them to send the bill to me". So yes, I was most impressed. While getting one side of my car fixed, I also had the panel beater fix and re-spray the other side too. So, now the car is back to it's original glory, after being sprayed twice.

Oh, the air conditioner you ask....
I managed to find an old A/C unit in an old Suzuki Hatch. I purchased the unit, and removed the whole thing out of the car. I was of the thought, well, it came off the same motor, and the cars are similar, so it should be a straight swap, well NO IT WAS NOT! The only bit the mechanics were able to use were the engine brackets, the compressor and the condensing unit, (the box that actually cools the air under the dash).This was before the A/C. They had to fit a bigger radiator (because an A/C unit would make the car over heat) and have it spaced back about 1 inch. Custom brackets were made to do this, because the A/C required it's own radiator that was placed directly in front of the radiator. Because, this was a different size to the one of the Hatch, a new A/C radiator was measured and made to size in Sydney and freighted up. New hoses were required because the old ones did not fit, and new brackets were made for the condenser - dryer. The whole cooling system of the car was re-wired to include the A/C controls on the dash, and also a special cut off switch that turned the A/C off when the car was below 1000 rpm, and also it turned the A/C off if my foot went to the floor (this was done so the car had as much power as possible to over-take). Pretty nifty, hey! Well, the A/C works well, nice and cool, the car still flies and it sounds good too. I was later to find a second hand Mighty Boy for sale here in Darwin for $2999 with factory fitted air conditioning. So, I now know, at least some were imported into the country with air.

I still want to get some really fat chrome roll bars fitted onto the back tray, and on the front as a nudge bar. For the pipe, I have been quoted $200 to have it shaped to fit, and fitted, and another $300 for the actual chroming. The chroming has to be done after the bars are cut, and bent to shape, but before they are are welded to the base plates. This is to ensure the best possible job. I think it should look cool! I also want to fit some bigger wheels. I am working on the legalities at the moment, but it seems that legally, you can only really go up to a 12" mag. Bigger that this, you need an engineers certificate. I want to put 15" wheels, but I will need some major modifications to allow this. Lets hope it will not cost the earth. So, anyone want to buy some second hand alloy mags? Good condition and cheap!

David's car has done just over 165 000 Km as of November 1999, and the new motor was fitted at 130 000Km.

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And here are my latest pictures. (I now have a wide angle lens!!! =>) These photos were taken just after the car came out of the panel shop for the fourth time since I have owned it. I will have you know, I have never caused, or been at fault in damaging my beloved MB!

You will see a better shot of the custom speaker box holding the subs, and a shot of one of the amps under the drivers seat. I have also joined a few pictures together to show under my bonnet. (yes the rocker cover is chromed) I have also included some images of the air conditioner, as I have been getting so many requests to show how it is all fitted. On the front of the radiator, you con only just see the spacer rubbers that allow room for the a/c radiator thingy.
Oh, and as you can tell by my number plate, I am also an INXS fan!

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So, what do you think? There is all ways something else to do, but at the moment, I think this little car looks nearly better than the day it was bought.

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