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Yes people, it's here! Everett Engineering Service's Drag Mighty Boy. They have been kind enough to let me feature it on the club's site. John, from Everett Engineering has been working on this little project for a while now and it is nearly ready for it's first night out at the drag strip.

It's specs are not clear yet, but John has assured me he will let us have them soon. But I know for sure it has a Turbo charged Subaru with a huge SU carb powering it. Oh, yeah and it also has nitrous! Here are some pic's and there will be more soon.

Any questions, feel free to call John. His address is:

John Everett
Everett Engineering Services
PO BOX 38681
Tel: (08) 89470111

drag_front1.jpg - 25072 Bytes You can not see it here, but it also supports a custom made wheelie bar at the back.
drag_side.jpg - 24589 Bytes Yes, that is the cars exhaust you can see coming out of the side. The motor is situated behind the seats.
motor.jpg - 18391 Bytes This is looking behind the seat. The big rounded thing is the SU carb.
boost.jpg - 14274 Bytes These are the controls for the boost, fuel etc. It is located where the passenger seat used to be.
NO2.jpg - 19792 Bytes This is looking into the back, ute part of the car. The big bottle is the Nitrous Oxide

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