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Dale Buchanan

This is a note sent to me by Dale:

I'm almost there! One day very soon I'll have the tuffest Mightyboy. I'm running a F5A twin cam turbo intercooled all wheel drive with front mount intercooler, custom made WRX turbo with custom extractors and all plumings. 14/6 rims scoop black with red pearl with staright pearl purple and hi tint blue pearl flames on bonnet and gaurds flared front gaurds all but the turbo set up has and will be done by me. This is my little toy and here are a few pics so far. It's not done yet but getting close. I can't lower the rear till I fit the diff.

Dale Buchanan

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As you can tell, I've slowly taken a snap shot of the little beast all it's way to the top.
Mvc-863s.GIF - 3472 Bytes
This is my new roof as I needed one because the one on the car had a lot of damage. Suggestion, don't army roll over your mightyboy when your drunk!!! It turns out that the roof was full of bog, but after alot of time repairing it I got it straight.
Mvc-864s.GIF - 4205 Bytes
This is just a small memory my car was white then I blessed it with black GT strips (just 4 fun and a little attention) as I paint stripped them off, I though that was a sad day.....
Mvc-865s.GIF - 3916 Bytes
You can't quite see, but the rear was hit by a rather large truck that also to a lot of repairing.
Mvc-866s.GIF - 3428 Bytes
This shots is just to show what my guard looked like before I chopped it up and flared it
Mvc-867s.GIF - 4131 Bytes
If you look closely here you can see the damage.
Mvc-868s.GIF - 4360 Bytes
This is the second engine I've put in, but that's what happens when you constantly give it a hard time. It came out over in a mini van in from Japan. It was a lot of trouble because as we found out later the cam was set so it ran in reverse. It had us all puzzled.
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Heres an extra large sun roof but I had to put a roof back on because I got too sunburnt. No, I was only joking. I just liked the look of it with no roof.
Mvc-871s.GIF - 3699 Bytes
Same thing different angle
Mvc-879s.GIF - 3690 Bytes
Heres how I flared my guards so my 14/6 inch rim fit. A lot of hard work but well worth it.
Mvc-880s.GIF - 4470 Bytes
I've taken this one as I am currently making a body kit for it. So soon we can compare the differences.
Mvc-895s.GIF - 4131 Bytes
This is how it sits lowered. The handling is unbelievable.
Mvc-896s.GIF - 3807 Bytes
Nice and low, But guess what? No, I say again, NO scrapping.
Mvc-897s.GIF - 4045 Bytes
This just looks funny. It looks like a wreck but the you should see the end product.
Mvc-898s.gif - 4261 Bytes
Heres my little baby all primed up ready to bee speed filed twice.
Mvc-899s.GIF - 4470 Bytes
Then here it is primed for the second time just to bee rubbed twice again before painting.
Mvc-900s.GIF - 4158 Bytes
This is the bonnet scoop.
Mvc-901s.GIF - 3391 Bytes
And again just so you know what the side angle looks like.
Mvc-902s.GIF - 4036 Bytes
Now I'm just snap happy, sorry i was exited.
Mvc-903s.GIF - 3794 Bytes
This is straight off the spraygun. No buffing yet so it's still going to be shinier.
Mvc-904s.GIF - 3812 Bytes
What I call the nascar look
Mvc-905s.GIF - 3533 Bytes
You were ment to see the flames here but it's hard to see them because their in straight pearl, so sun light brings them out just unbelievably.
Mvc-906s.GIF - 4584 Bytes
Check this shot out!
Mvc-907s.GIF - 3644 Bytes
Tuff like a little drag car
Mvc-908s.GIF - 3987 Bytes
Well what can I say? I like it, hope you do to.

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