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Michelle Wells is a co-founder of the Suzuki Mighty Boy Club of Australia. She owns a white Mighty Boy that is in immaculate original condition. She has not had to spend a cent on maintenance yet other than the usual 5000Km servicing. The car came with mag wheels and all the extras! Side window rain sheilds and headlight covers are original. She put a sports steering wheel on, because she could not stand using the original steering wheel.
michelle_girl.jpg - 62710 Bytes This was take about 3 years ago, and the car still looks the same.
girl.jpg - 19672 Bytes This is her rear view, mmmm nice!
mighty_girl_with_covers.jpg - 18252 Bytes Do you like the head light covers?
Michelle was able to find a new radio cassette unit that would fit into the smaller non-standard radio area. Phillips have a range called 'Mini Cam', so one of these were fitted powering 2 pioneer 6X9 speakers that were fitted into the spaces in the back. She had to remove the air vents because thats where they went.

Michelle's car has done just over 130 000 Km as of July 1999.

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